Embedded Displays

Testing LCDs, OLEDs, and HUDs

Radiant is the leading provider of display test solutions, with thousands of systems deployed worldwide, testing millions of flat panel displays (FPDs), smart devices, touchscreens, infotainment and navigation displays, and more. Radiant cameras evaluate LCD, LED, and OLED displays and display components, including backlight units (BLUs) and LCD modules, as well as see-through displays like augmented reality (AR) and head-up displays (HUDs), for performance in a range of ambient light environments, from day to night, in all weather conditions.

Radiant display tests are performed using a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer paired with ProMetric or TrueTest™ Software. Tests include ANSI brightness, ANSI color uniformity, light or color mura (blemish) detection, light leakage, pixel and line defect inspection, image sticking, and view angle performance testing. Using automated visual inspection software, defects are weighted and evaluated based on their severity and scope, which correlate to either permissible or unacceptable imperfections as perceived by a human observer. Display tests support standardized measurement practices such as those recommended by SAE International for displays, HUDs, and illuminated components (for example, ARP4260B, which contains colorimetric and photometric measurement guidelines for airborne electronic flat panel display systems).

Radiant measurement systems may optionally employ an image analysis algorithm specifically for computing JND (“Just Noticeable Differences”) in display uniformity, used to identify display mura. The JND detection algorithm is offered in the TrueMURA™ plug-in for TrueTest Software, and is based on U.S. patent 7,783,130, “Spatial Standard Observer” technology, licensed by Radiant from NASA.

Leader in See-Through Displays and HUD Measurement

HUDs greatly enhance a pilot’s situational awareness of trajectory and external factors. The usefulness of an HUD depends entirely on the quality of projected illumination. Objects in a display must be easily viewable in any flight condition, and adequate brightness and color must be ensured for the life of the display system.

Radiant is a leading provider of near-eye display (NED) test systems in consumer electronics and for HUDs in automotive manufacturing. Our ProMetric® systems have been applied in various testing environments to measure see-through display technologies from LED to OLED to waveguide using a range of projection methods. Radiant cameras feature electronically controlled lenses and Radiant’s Smart Control™ functionality for precise, adaptive adjustment of focus and aperture settings.

Combined, these technologies enable the fastest and most accurate location of illuminated objects projected on an infinite plane, such as the symbols displayed in HUDs and augmented reality displays. With minimal adjustment, Radiant’s imaging colorimeters map points of interest to projected symbols and provide luminance and color measurements while recording object distance, size, and scale at any working distance to ensure accurate projection.