Evaluating Interior Lighting

Cockpit and Cabin Lighting

Radiant light measurement systems enable manufacturers to meet general recommendations for interior lighting in cockpits, cabins, galleys, lavatories, ceilings, aisles, walls, and overhead, ensuring adequate illumination for all in-flight functions.

Interior lighting must provide adequate illuminance relative to the installation distance or angle in an aircraft to ensure specifications are met. Light that is too bright, or poorly-directed, may not meet specifications for aircraft operation. Uniformity in illuminance and color is also important for both function and quality perception. Luminous intensity distribution patterns mapped by Radiant ProMetric imaging systems ensure appropriate brightness and distribution patterns in design, manufacture, and installation of lighting systems, correlating light source characterization data from R&D to production.

Quality control for LED headlamps, taillights, and accessory light strips can be readily addressed with a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter and ProMetric Software. You can determine luminous intensity distribution, measure uniformity of luminance and color, and detect failed LEDs in the cluster. ProMetric Software allows you to overlay ROIs (regions of interest) on the image and determine individual LED performance.