Measurement of Backlit Avionics

Illuminated Controls, Information Panels, and Signs

Digital avionics continue to replace analog components in the cockpit, and controls in the cabin, making light and color accuracy evaluation increasingly critical. Indicators, gauges, controls, instrument panels, and illuminated signs provide vital performance, instructional, and safety information, and many backlit components must comply with standard luminance and color thresholds for adequate intensity and distribution under all lighting conditions.

Designed specifically for backlit symbol measurement, Radiant measurement systems feature a powerful software tool called Auto-POI (or Automatic Points of Interest), which automatically selects backlit symbols based on color and luminance values, regardless of symbol shape, size, location, or position. This greatly simplifies the process of evaluating like-symbols across an instrument panel for uniform luminance (user-specified minimum Lv percentage) and chromaticity (user-specified CIE cx, cy values), and enables accurate measurement for dynamic applications where panels may move, shift, or change during inspection. Calculations may be run on one or many characters simultaneously to ensure inter- and intra-symbol uniformity in a single measurement.

Radiant’s light and color measurement systems are also used to ensure color and luminance uniformity in backlit symbols and signs in the cabin, supporting SAE recommendations regarding color and brightness of signs and ambient lighting. Values captured by the software include average luminance across symbols, minimum and maximum luminance points, color values, and dominant wavelengths.