Small Light Sources

Light Source Characterization

Radiant systems measure both small, single light sources (LEDs or HID bulbs) and large luminaires to characterize their intensity, illuminance, luminance, and chromaticity. Specially engineered Radiant software converts these measurements to luminous intensity distribution and illumination distribution data, and evaluates beam pattern cut-off gradients for navigation and flood lights.

Radiant cameras characterize the near-field distribution of each light source to model the light’s appearance at all view angles. Used in optical design applications, ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters paired with a precision goniometric system (SIG-400 Source Imaging Goniometer® or PM-NFMS™) output a Radiant Source Model (RSM) that can be converted to a ray set using Radiant ProSource® Software. These ray sets are supported in most common optical design packages (such as ASAP®, FRED®, LightTools®, LucidShape®, Photopia™, IES TM-25, Opticad®, OSLO®, SimuLux®, SPEOS®, TracePro®, and OpticStudio™ (ZEMAX), as well as general file formats) to streamline optical design.