Headlamp Evaluation

A Radiant system can be indispensable in headlamp evaluation applications, particularly as they grow in complexity. Today’s smart headlamps benefit from multiple measurements to ensure proper illumination at all settings. An effective and efficient method for evaluating headlamp performance is to project the light source onto a prepared flat surface, where the imaging colorimeter captures the illumination distribution in a single measurement. You can then analyze the assembly on a number of criteria using the PM-HL™ Headlamp Evaluation Module, designed specifically for headlamp evaluation.

PM-HL functions include:

  • Light source illuminance distribution measurement
  • Evaluation of ECE and SAE Regulation test points
  • Evaluation of custom test points
  • Evaluation of beam pattern cut-off gradients
  • Conversion to luminous intensity distribution
  • Conversion to roadway illumination distribution
  • Data analysis functions, including bitmaps, isoplots, and cross-sections