Lighting Assemblies

Illumination Distribution

An alternative method of establishing an illumination distribution, ideal for new LED-based luminaires, is to measure the near-field distribution of a source. The luminaire is mounted on a goniometer (such as the Radiant PM-NFMS™) while an imaging colorimeter, driven by automated measurement control and analysis software, measures luminance or lit-appearance at all view angles. The far-field luminous intensity distribution is calculated via software. The illuminance distribution can then be calculated for any arbitrary distance.

LED Lighting

Quality control for LED headlamps, taillights, and accessory light strips can be readily addressed with a ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter and ProMetric Software. You can determine luminous intensity distribution, measure uniformity of luminance and color, and detect failed LEDs in the cluster. ProMetric Software allows you to overlay ROIs (regions of interest) on the image and determine individual LED performance