Consumer Electronics

Electronic devices use color and light to convey digital information to users via illuminated controls and high-resolution displays. The use of display-based technologies has extended beyond televisions, computers, and phones to appliances, toys, wearables, and other devices. The visual quality of these products not only enables functional operation but defines the customer experience and satisfaction. Device designers and manufacturers must meet ever-increasing consumer expectations for exquisite display quality.

Radiant Vision Systems applies decades of experience in automated visual inspection at all stages of the design and manufacturing process, leveraging our history in light and color measurement and our expertise in production-level display test solutions. We support major consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide, and understand that a flawless device is a prerequisite for market success. We work closely with you to provide comprehensive solutions that support your operating imperatives—increasing throughput, reducing rework, and achieving absolute quality.

Radiant’s TrueTest™ Software offers production-level quality control and an extensive library of tests. Our ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers feature advanced optical filters that simulate human visual perception of light and color, providing the truest evaluation of quality your customers will see. An integrated system from Radiant helps you to ensure that each device meets your standards at every stage of manufacture – and, meets your customer’s expectations in today’s competitive marketplace.