Leader in Display Testing

All Display Technologies from LCD to OLED

As the number-one provider of display test solutions worldwide, Radiant has thousands of systems currently deployed testing millions of smart devices, touchscreens, infotainment panels, embedded displays, and other display devices. A broad range of tests can be performed on LCD, OLED, and other display types using a Radiant ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer paired with TrueTest™ Software, including:

  • ANSI brightness
  • ANSI color uniformity (CIE x, y and CIE u’,v’ coordinates)
  • light or color mura (blemish) detection
  • light leakage
  • pixel and line defect inspection
  • image sticking
  • view angle performance

Radiant’s automated visual inspection systems weigh and evaluate defects based on severity and scope, which correlate to either permissible or unacceptable imperfections as they would be perceived by a typical human observer. With scientific-grade, interline-cooled CCDs with up to 29-megapixels in resolution, ProMetric cameras capture high-resolution images in a single measurement while minimizing visual noise. This ensures that you have the clearest images for fine-detail and pixel-level defect inspection.

Information Security, Confidentiality, and Supplier Integrity

Radiant Vision Systems partners with leading consumer electronics manufacturers to produce the world’s most competitive products. We understand the need for absolute confidentiality surrounding technology development, operational practices, and other proprietary information. Our code of conduct enforces strict protection of customer information, and has earned us the trust of leading brands worldwide.