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Radiant Vision Systems - Advanced Test, Measurement, and Inspection Solutions

of brightness and color, our solutions combine the benefits of automation—speed, flexibility, and repeatability—with the relevancy and accuracy of human vision. Explore Radiant’s solutions for light and color measurement in our product brochure.

Featured in this Catalog:

  • ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers
  • ProMetric® Software
  • PM-KB Software™
  • VisionCAL™ Software
  • TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Solutions

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Test and Measurement Solutions for Automotive Lighting and Displays

automotive lighting, displays, and illuminated controls and indicators, with turnkey test solutions to help manufacturers accelerate development, control costs, and ensure that these critical components reflect the high quality of your brand.

This Brochure features measurement solutions for:

  • Instrument clusters, controls, tell-tales, and indicators
  • In-vehicle displays
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Head-Up Displays (HUDs)

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Why Radiant? 10 Reasons to Choose Our Imaging Solution for Test & Measurement

perception. Solutions for testing emerging technology (such as head-up displays, AR/VR, and complex imaging geometries) are developed from combinations of Radiant hardware and software, applying benefits of our core technology to new applications in design and quality control for displays and illuminated components.

Learn some of the reasons why you should consider Radiant for your test and measurement, including:

  •     Imaging benefits
  •     Camera resolution
  •     CIE-matched color measurement
  •     Electronic hardware control
  •     Unique optical configurations
  •     Custom hardware/software solutions for diverse applications

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Automotive Industry Solutions

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