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Molex improves automotive module design with ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter

Using Radiant’s ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeter, Molex captures all required data points on their illuminated components at once to quickly and accurately identify hot spots and nonuniformity for design adjustment. Molex engineers are able to present this data to verify their designs to customers and ensure uniform lighting distribution across all aspects of the customer’s design applications.

This announcement from Molex describes:

  • How Radiant's ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter increases efficiency in illuminated component design
  • How Molex leverages the data from testing to facilitate design conversations with customers
  • How ProMetric Imaging solutions perform production-level testing in facilities in China to match design specifications

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Luminator Aerospace Ramps Up Backlit Sign Testing Using ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters

Learn how Luminator revolutionized their testing times to increase throughput while maintaining consist product quality using Radiant ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters.

In this Case Study, you will learn about:

  •  How Radiant's ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters Perform Light and Color Measurements on Signage to Meet Exact Specifications
  •  How Luminator Improved Testing Times, Increased Throughput, and Maintained Product Quality

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