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Automated Head-Up Display Measurement

standards. Photometric measurement of light and color is equally important as dimensional measurements for image size, distance, location, and integrity in performing comprehensive HUD evaluation to SAE standards for optical quality. Although no one system is specified, Radiant's photometric imaging systems and software offer several differentiating benefits that greatly reduce HUD evaluation time, enabling fully-automated measurement, ensuring SAE compliance, and limiting cost and time to market.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

  • SAE Standards for Head-Up Displays
  • Technology to Enable Automated Testing:
    • Electronically-Controlled Lens
    • Line-Pairing Algorithm
    • Full Field-of-View Imaging
    • Multi-Test Sequencing Software
  • Software Tests Available in Radiant's TrueTest™ TT-HUD Module

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ProMetric® Y Imaging Photometers

is designed for high-volume production testing of flat panel displays, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, keyboards and lighting products.

In this Presentation, you will learn about:

  • Imaging photometry compared to other technologies
  • Our ProMetric® Y Imaging Photometer
  • How our systems can meet your application needs

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ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeters

spatial perception of light and color, ensuring absolute quality in industries facing the highest customer expectations. ProMetric I imaging colorimeter solutions from Radiant Vision Systems are purpose-built for high-volume manufacturing of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, and lighting products. This high-resolution CCD system is ideal for applications requiring very fine spatial resolution.

In this Presentation, you will learn:

  • Imaging colorimetery and how it compares to other technologies
  • Introduction to our ProMetric® I Imaging Colorimeter
  • How our systems can meet your application needs

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Mura and Defect Detection with TrueTest™

manufacture. You can easily identify and quantify mura and other subtle defects during the manufacturing process using a ProMetric® imaging colorimeter and TrueTest™ by using various simple software test sequences and user-defined thresholds. Learn the types of tests that can be performed, how to set up a Sequence in TrueTest™, and real application results and analyses.

In this Presentation, you will learn about:

  • TrueTest™ layout and structure
  • Radiant’s core technology and TrueTest™ solutions
  • Types of mura that our systems can detect

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Automotive Applications - Lighting, Display, and Materials Measurement

based imaging colorimeters and photometers. Radiant’s turnkey hardware/software solutions offer superior results in applications ranging from:

  • Lighting characterization for both interior and exterior lighting components
  • Display performance characterization for instrument panels, icons, and information displays (LCD screens and HUDs)
  • Materials and finishes characterization for interiors, paints and finishes, and films

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TrueTest™ Mura Detection: Moire Removal

In this Presentation, you will learn about:

  • How algorithms detect mura
  • Why filtering can improve processing speed and repeatability
  • Moiré removal techniques with our image processing software

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