Watch our test, measurement, and inspection solutions for light and color in action!

2020 Photonics West Interview: Simplifying AR/VR Display Testing

In this booth interview with Laser Focus World, Shannon Roberts—Product Manager at Radiant Vision Systems—provides an introduction to the Radiant AR/VR Lens system from the floor of Photonics West 2020, San Francisco, CA. Radiant’s AR/VR display test solution combines a scientific imager, specialized lens, and AR/VR measurement software for quick and comprehensive visual testing from lab to line. Evaluate up to 120° FOV from inside headsets, as seen by the user.

Accelerate Your Measurement Process: Automotive Display & Lighting Solutions

with multi-function, touch-sensitive infotainment displays. Generic sealed-beam and capsule headlamps have been superseded by stylish, aerodynamically-efficient, model-specific LED and HID headlamp assemblies. Head-up displays (HUDs) are becoming an automotive standard.

Radiant Vision Systems presents a complete portfolio of measurement solutions to increase design efficiency and control production costs of automotive displays, lighting systems, and illuminated symbols. Radiant's fully integrated measurement systems are helping automakers and suppliers worldwide improve their R&D, quality control, and production operations.

From inside to outside the vehicle, this video illustrates Radiant measurement solutions for:

  • Console, head-up, and electronic mirror displays
  • Instrument panels and backlit components
  • Headlamps, taillights, and other external lighting
  • Facial and gesture sensing using near-infrared light

Near-Field Measurement System for Light Sources and Luminaires

measurements at any distance. Radiant’s NFMS, paired with PM-NFMS™ software, you can generate high-resolution 3D models and 2D spatial measurements of luminance and color as viewed from each angular position of the lighting fixture. For R&D environments and labs, PM-NFMS produces the most accurate characterization of light sources. It is the ideal solution for generating IES and EULUMDAT data files to help you improve design of a wide variety of lighting sources and lighting fixtures.

In this Video, you will learn about:

  • How the NFMS can be used to measure intensity distribution and total flux measurements or LED sources and luminaires

  • How to create 3D and 2D spatial measurements of luminance and color

  • Generating IES and EULUMDAT data files


Automated Visual Inspection in LCD Production

and lowering production costs and reducing material waste, while ensuring absolute quality of LCD devices from display to final mechanical assembly.

In this Video, you will learn about:

  • Radiant Vision Systems' Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, and our Application Software TrueTest™
  • The Repeatability of Our System in Measuring, Tracking, and Quantifying Defect Trends
  • Why Radiant's Systems Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost, and Improve Production Time


2019 Photonics West Interview with Radiant: Measuring Near-Infrared Light Sources

Lens in a demo from the floor of Photonics West 2019, San Francisco, CA. The Radiant NIR Intensity Lens uses Fourier optics to quickly and efficiently characterize near-IR LEDs and lasers, including angular distributions, structured light dot patterns, and other light patterns used for facial recognition and 3D sensing.