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Measuring Head-Up Displays from 2D to AR: System Benefits & Demonstration

  • Outlook for 2D, 3D, and augmented reality (AR) HUD systems
  • Measurement challenges posed by next-generation HUD technology
  • Test system specifications that simplify optical metrology for all HUD image types
  • Demonstrations of image quality tests from Radiant’s head-up display test software

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Quality-Driven: Automotive Display Testing

  • Testing Considerations for Automotive Displays
  • Mura Detection
  • Testing to the Black Mura Standard
  • as defined by the German Automotive OEM Work Group Displays

Both automakers and suppliers to the industry will find this webinar informative.

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Improving Automotive Inspection with Light & Color Measurement Systems

  • How imaging photometers and colorimeters optimize light, color, and feature measurement in automotive lighting and displays
  • The advantages of photometric inspection over standard machine vision systems
  • Applications of light and color measurement in automotive components, from headlamps to HUD displays
  • How to choose an imaging system for your light measurement application

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Four Ways to Enable Automated SAE Standard HUD Measurement

  • Upcoming SAE J1757-2 standard and requirements
  • Key HUD measurement challenges
  • Camera features that ensure the fastest measurement setup
  • Software features that enable automated testing for production

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Truly Automated Light and Color Measurement for Tell-Tales and Indicators

  • The fastest, most intuitive evaluation of complex instrument clusters
  • Applying automatic Points of Interest (POI) in software to measure all illuminated characters on a display at once
  • Toggle between programmed luminance and color thresholds to evaluate symbol sets for cross-symbol uniformity and harmonization
  • Automatically create accurate POIs even when displays are rotated or moved

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Evaluating Viewing Angle Performance Using Radiant’s Conoscope Lens

  • Fast, accurate, low-cost view angle measurement solution
  • Address complex view angle challenges such as OLED color consistency and defects in embedded displays
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of equipment with a single, compact camera system
  • Use the same measurement system from R&D to in-line quality control, with ability to acquire additional measurements by switching camera lenses

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Principles of Light and Color Measurement

  • How the human eye responds to light and color
  • Quantifying color based on CIE tristimulus curves
  • Technology designed to replicate human visual response
  • Optical metrology systems and benefits of imaging for light measurement

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Defining a Sparkle Measurement Standard for Quality Control of Anti-Glare Displays

  • The effect of sparkle on display quality
  • Standard system specifications and setup for repeatable measurement
  • Setting a sparkle tolerance based on human visual perception
  • Customer case study at automotive OEM

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Replicating Human Vision for Accurate Testing of AR/VR Displays

  • Challenges of near-eye display measurement
  • Current display test methods and their limitations
  • Technologies that replicate human vision in AR/VR display measurement
  • Radiant’s integrated AR/VR measurement solution

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OLED Pixel Measurement & Correction

  • Emerging OLED display technologies
  • Inspection challenges for displays with pixel-level emissions
  • Methods for measuring the highest-resolution displays
  • Applying pixel-level correction to OLED displays using Demura methods

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Automating Visual Inspection in Display Manufacturing

  • Inspection tasks in high-volume manufacturing
  • Instrument selection: choosing the right tool for the job
  • Combining technologies to accomplish specific applications Integration challenges in manufacturing environments

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Applications of High Resolution Measurement: 4 Display Inspection Solutions for the 4K Age

  • Detailed detection of pixel, line, and particle defects
  • Mura detection in high definition displays
  • Pixel luminance measurements and OLED screen correction
  • Surface flaw detection

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Finding Mura in Displays: Hands-On Defect Detection with TrueTest™

  • Types of Tests that Can be Performed
  • How to Set up a Sequence in TrueTest™
  • Real-Time Application Results and Analysis

Presented by Sean Skelly, Radiant's Software Development Manager.

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From Materials to Module Assembly: Applications of Automated Visual Inspection in the FPD Supply Chain

  • Particle detection in glass and film
  • Uniformity testing in backlight units (BLUs)
  • Inspection for mura and other defects in the cell and module assembly processes

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Improving Color Measurement Accuracy for LED, Luminaire, and Display Imaging

  • Introduction to light and color
  • Introduction to imaging colorimetry
  • The need for calibration
  • Custom color calibrations using Radiant imaging colorimeter solutions