ProMetric® I-Series: 2D Luminance and Color Imaging

Fast, high-resolution 2D Luminance and Color Imaging instruments for accurate testing of displays, backlit symbols, and LED lighting. 

Offering High Resolution, High Speed, High Accuracy measurement calibrated to mirror human visual perception, enabling advanced applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, and Research & Development.


ProMetric I Key Features and Highlights:

  • High-speed, high-resolution, interline-cooled CCDs, with better than 61dB dynamic range
  • CIE-matched color filters and neutral density filters, closely matches human visual perception
  • Multiple lens choices with Smart Calibration™ for a wide range of distance and aperture settings
  • Flexible system, capable of addressing multiple measurement applications
  • Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Software for data analysis and camera control
  • Works seamlessly with Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest automated visual inspection systems

ProMetric I imaging colorimeter systems include Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric Software, which provides complete measurement control and Point-of-Interest/Region-of-Interest functionality.


High-Resolution, Scientific-Grade CCD Sensors
The ProMetric I2 uses a scientific-grade, 2-megapixel (1600 x 1200) CCD sensor that is thermoelectrically cooled to provide accurate, repeatable 12-bit measurements. The ProMetric I8 and ProMetric I16 offer 8-megapixel (3296 x 2472) and 16-megapixel (4896 x 3264) CCD sensors, respectively. The ProMetric I29, is a 29-megapixel (6576 x 4384) model, built to provide high resolution and the fastest possible cycle times.


ProMetric I Family
ProMetric I contains Smart Technology™ features that simplify operation and provide more accurate measurement results. For example, the electronically controlled focus and aperture setting provides calibrated measurements over a wide range of working distances and field of view. This greatly simplifies measurement set up and allows fully-automated remote configuration of your production test systems.


Purpose-Built for High-Speed Manufacturing
A production line is a harsh environment and reliable communications can be a challenge. ProMetric I supports high-speed USB and Ethernet communications, providing highly reliable operation over long distances, even in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

ProMetric I is optimized to work with the industry-leading TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software from Radiant. TrueTest provides a complete, turnkey solution for high-volume manufacturing of displays, illuminated keyboards and lighting products.


Typical Applications
Radiant's ProMetric I Series of imaging colorimeters meets the requirements of high-speed production operations, combining the benefits of automation with the accuracy of human visual perception to address a range of applications:

  • Color and luminance testing of displays
  • Light measurement and characterization of LED products
  • Appearance uniformity testing of illuminated instrument clusters and keypad