ProMetric® I-Series: 2D Luminance and Color Imaging

Fast, high-resolution 2D Luminance and Color Imaging instruments for accurate testing of displays, backlit symbols, and LED lighting. 

Offering High Resolution, High Speed, High Accuracy measurement calibrated to mirror human visual perception, enabling advanced applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, and Research & Development.


The performance and appearance that consumers expect from products such as flat-panel displays, car interiors, LED lighting are continuously advancing. Designers and manufactuerers are pushed to improve the user experience. Test & Measurement instruments used in development and production must keep up with the latest technology.

Radiant’s ProMetric I Series colorimeter products are the world’s fastest and most accurate high-resolution imaging colorimeters. ProMetric I is built around scientific-grade CCD sensors, rangingin resolution from 2 to 29 megapixels. These sensors enable pixel-level measurements of displays, inter- and intra-character luminance measurements on lighted keyboards, and accurate measurements of LED luminance and color in luminaires. The I-series is able to analyze pixel defects on a >4K display, or test the color and brightness of many illuminated symbols of an automotive instrument cluster at once.

The I-Series is equipped with 2x high-speed filter wheels, one with CIE matched XYZ color filters and one with Neutral Density filters (ND0, ND1, ND2) for light attenuation.

The 29 MP ProMetric I-series has state-of-the-art data capture and analysis capabilities. It combines high resolution with inspection speeds, making it ideal for both R&D and in-line production testing.

In short, the I-Series provides superior test and measurement capabilities that meet the exacting requirements of current and next generation products.